EMT Goals and Practice

Working within a multi-disciplinary team the Music Therapists observe and assess the child to provide a bespoke, holistic approach to the child’s needs and well being. Therapeutic goals are set by the therapist which support IEP* targets.  These enhance development and improve outcomes for the child:


  • Improved attention and awareness of self and others
  • Strategies to cope with challenging behaviour
  • Ability to express and deal with difficult emotions


A child who is more able to cope with their life and difficulties. This leads to better relationships at home and in the classroom, and a pupil who is better equipped to access opportunities the school has to offer.

Suggested Video – Jolie

Assessment – Evidence Based Practice

Using standardised assessment tools and measures, including Music Therapy Outcomes StarTM, Music Therapists offer interventions which complement, enhance and promote IEP* targets.

*IEP – Individualised Educational Plan Targets

“There has been noticeable impact just on his behaviour… he is able to be calmer and more focused in class and we do feel this has been a direct result of the work that has gone on through MT… his ability to work through difficulties, emotions, talking through things that happened now and in the past.”

Elspeth Malcom, ARP Leader, St John’s Primary School

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