Provides a music therapy service to children in the Borough of Ealing who have special needs or any kind of difficulty.

Ealing Music Therapy (EMT) is a community based project (Registered Charity  801405), started in 1986 and celebrates over 30 years as a charity.

EMT offers music therapy sessions to children and young people in various schools in the Borough of Ealing.  

Music is used as a means of communication that does not need words.  It transcends culture and people of every background and ability can respond to the rhythms.

The music is used therapeutically to help each child develop and reach their full potential which helps them.

  • The music therapists work with children individually or in a small group
  • The music is improvised such that the therapist can change and adapt their response to meet the needs of the child or reacting to any behavioural change
  • They support the child wherever they are  - be it in anxiety, rage, frustration, isolation, sadness or joy
  • The aims of the sessions are to work on communication, personal skills and  the exploration of complex and challenging behaviour
  • Each child is an individual and progress is assessed by the changes seen since the child started therapy