Ealing Music Therapy

Providing life-changing therapeutic support to children in the London Borough of Ealing since 1985.


Ealing Music Therapy is an independent charity providing life-changing therapy to children and young people in schools across the London Borough of Ealing.

We have a team of fully-qualified Music Therapists who are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and provide essential support to children/young people with a range of additional needs.

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What Is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is a powerful clinical intervention delivered by HCPC registered Music Therapists who have been trained to Master’s level.

Music Therapy uses music creatively to form a therapeutic relationship, supporting a child or young person to reach their full potential. It can help improve attention and awareness, develop the ability to cope with challenging behaviour, and provide a safe outlet to express and deal with difficult emotions.



What We Do

Our Music Therapists deliver individually tailored one-to-one and group sessions within school. Our therapy sessions aim to nurture spontaneous responses to rhythm, sound and music-making, using music-based therapeutic approaches to meet individual needs.

The universal language of music makes the therapeutic process accessible to children and young people from diverse cultures and languages.


Our Vision

To provide Music Therapy to children and young people in the London Borough of Ealing who can benefit from it.

Our vision aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education by 2030 which states:

“(To) Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all…ensure equal access to all levels of education and training for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities…and children in vulnerable situations.”

We use Music Therapy as a clinical intervention to enable children and young people with special needs to access quality education in the London Borough of Ealing.


“Music Therapy has enabled pupils to develop a positive relationship and interactions with their therapy partner, increase vocalisations and gain confidence within self, and develop some stability with their emotional and physical wellbeing.”

Mundrika, Assistant Head Teacher, Mandeville School

“There has been noticeable impact just on his behaviour… he is able to be calmer and more focused in class and we do feel this has been a direct result of the work that has gone on through Music Therapy… his ability to work through difficulties, emotions, talking through things that happened now and in the past.”

Elspeth, ARP Leader, St John’s Primary School

“I think it is really clear how much the children enjoy Music Therapy. If you have got children who are enjoying what they do, then you’ve got children who are engaged and if they are engaged then they’re regulated, happy, learning and they’re connecting.  At Springhallow we focus a lot on making connections.”

Dawn, Outreach Lead, Springhallow School

“The ‘Find Your Voice’ group provided a safe and predictable environment for the pupils to explore and develop their communication skills. It enabled pupils to develop their observation and awareness of one another, explore singing and grow in confidence.”

Mundrika, Assistant Head Teacher, Mandeville School

“We use evidence-based practice, providing measurable and tangible outcomes. Music Therapists monitor and evaluate the benefits of Music Therapy and clinical supervision to monitor progress and plan future interventions.”

Gemma, Music Therapist, Ealing Music Therapy

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