Music Based Activities

Here is a list of music-based activities for children and families compiled by everyone here at Ealing Music Therapy.

Under 5’s

Little Folk Music Class

Mon, Wed Fri and Sundays (you can access them any time after on Facebook too).

Chrome Music Lab

Exploring science and music

Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th Year

A fun interactive game learning Beethoven’s music

Music and Makaton

Mr Tumble music and makaton

Singing Hands

Signed songs on their Facebook page and YouTube channel for FREE content.

Primary Aged Children

Ten Pieces at Home

BBC music teaching plans but also weekly activities for home and lovely accessible intro to classical music pieces and ideas:

Music Therapy Tree

Accessible music resources for children from ‘Music Therapy Tree’. Resources for learning the Ukulele, Piano/keyboard and learning through song

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera are providing weekly activities exploring the magical world of the theatre from home. All resources are free to access.

Royal Albert Hall

Classical for Kids

Jazz for Kids


The computer will make sounds of any word you would type – you can explore how different names or items would sound. You can change the sound library which will play in different voices and speeds.


App and online music making experience – the characters beatbox different patterns and sounds.

Classics for Kids

For younger children, different musical games. Teaching names of notes, terms, about the orchestra and composing.

Nickelodeon Music Maker

Music maker using Nickelodeon cartoons

Secondary aged children/young people

Anna Freud Centre

Self care activities to support mental health.

Google’s Fischinger Visual Music Composer

Visual music composing

Interactive electronic analog Moog Synthesizer

Hop-Hop music and learning basic of “scratching”

Body Beats

Learn Body Percussion with Ollie Tunmer from ‘Beats Goes On’

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