Working as an EMT Music Therapist in the first year of the pandemic


By Omer Plotniarz, Music Therapist, EMT.

2020 – 2021 was a very special year for me, both in my professional and private life.

Adapting to changing needs

Working alongside Covid, had made us, the therapists, more creative and adaptable to all the changes and regulations as well as the change in our service users’ needs. The lack of consistency and predictability brought up some new challenges that we haven’t experienced before as therapists – emotional support and poor mental wellbeing and support. I have experienced more cases of high anxiety levels, challenging behaviour and depression. This has required more focus on emotional needs.

With the up coming changes within Ealing Music Therapy (EMT) this year, I am planning to attend ‘supervising’ training and to take a bigger role within the charity.

A special thank you to Ealing Music Therapy!

More than everything I wanted to thank EMT for the support and assistance with everything involving the birth of our son Albi. Both Einav and I can’t express our appreciation – from being in hospital, talking to the schools, being attentive to our needs and giving us time and flexibility when needed – Thank you!

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