Supporting mental and emotional wellbeing at Belvue School


By Omer Plotniarz, Music Therapist, EMT.

Music Therapy at Belvue High School

Belvue is a Secondary School for students with a range of Learning Disabilities, Emotional Behavioural Difficulties and Autism. For many years, music therapy has been an integral part of the school’s landscape and is part of the school’s multi-disciplinary team.

The music therapy provision offered by Ealing Music Therapy includes individual, group and spontaneous sessions that include staff members that support the setting when needed.

The children in the school been referred to music therapy with various aims such as support their emotional well-being, develop their social and communication skills, as well as increase their self-esteem and sense of achievement.

Within the 2020-2021 academic year, 6 children from the school received regular music therapy sessions within an individual setting. The music therapy provision is spread between the different age groups in the school and involves close work with the staff and other professionals who work in the school.

As a school we had experienced some challenges during the academic year, with lockdown, frequent changes of regulations and closure of bubbles and classes. Despite all the challenges, the school continued supporting the students and their families and did its utmost to provide education and care.

In terms of the music therapy work – music therapy continued to be an integral part of the school services and being part of the school’s nature. The service is well respected by the staff members and Senior Management Team. From next year I will work on both Mondays and Fridays in school which I am really looking forward to. It will give me the opportunity to take a bigger role in the school and feel more connected to the students and staff.

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