Music Therapy

What is music therapy?

Music is universal in its appeal and everyone regardless of race, culture, and disability responds to its harmony, melody and rhythm.  Babies in the womb are rocked to the rhythm of their mother's movements, listen to her heartbeat and are aware of voices and external sounds.

A Music Therapist will use music to support the many and complex needs of children with a wide variety of special needs (moderate and severe learning disabilities, autistic tendencies, sensory impairment and emotional and behavioural disturbances).  Each child is encouraged to develop and achieve their full potential

This may include:

  • Increasing their concentration span.
  • Encouraging communication skills.
  • Help in using limbs and co-ordinating involuntary movements
  • Encouraging children towards milestones in child development e.g babbling and the ability to play spontaneously.
  • Helping the child express inner feelings and explore complex and challenging behaviour.  

Making sense of an often chaotic and disorganised world through musical non verbal expression helps form relationships and enables self expression and communication.

The child-friendly accessible medium of music and movement promotes social interactions in all children regardless their level of development and functioning. Adolescents use musical expression to define their identity and achieve a sense of belonging.

How EMT provides music therapy

Children attend weekly sessions during term time at 7 schools and 1 nursery in the Borough of Ealing

  • Mandeville school, Northolt
  • St Ann's School, Hanwell
  • Belvue School, Northolt
  • Castlebar School, Ealing
  • Springhallow School, Ealing
  • St John's Primary School, West Ealing

In addition we are offering a new service held on Saturdays during term time for primary school children who do not attend the above schools