Services EMT provides in various schools in Ealing

EMT provides music therapy at the following schools in Ealing

  • Mandeville School in Greenford a Primary School for children with severe learning disabilities.
  • St Ann's School in Hanwell, A High School for students with severe learning disabilities.
  • Belvue School in Northolt, a High School for children with moderate learning disabilites.
  • Castlebar School in Ealing, a Primary School for children with moderate learning disabilities - under review
  • Springhallow School in Ealing, a combined Primary and High School for children with autism.
  • St John's School in West Ealing, a mainstream Primary School.
  • Grove House Children's Centre, Southall a nursery for pre-schoolers

How is the service organised? 

Children attend a weekly session provided by a Music Therapist during term-time.  Tuned and untuned percussion instruments are provided for the children to respond to the therapists music making.  They will either be seen individually or as part of a small group depending on their needs.  If the child need support to access the instruments another person will be part of the session as an enabler.

The sessions are recorded (with parental consent) to enable the therapists to analyse sessions and plan for further work.  There is no one yardstick for determining the response of the children, each child is an individual and progress can only be assessed by the changes seen since the child started therapy.

Classroom projects

 EMT has started providing some sessions which involve a whole class including teachers and learning support assistants as a way to encourage the children to work on issues together as a group.  The programme is provided at a suitable level for all the youngsters and incorporates aspects of the National Curriculum such as Personal Social Emotional (P.H.S.E)  and Literacy.

Classroom teachers and learning support assistants follow through on the weekly sessions by integrating and adapting the music therapy activities to re-inforce the childrens learning and of social skill development.

Feedback from the teachers and LSA's involved in this work has been very positive.  They have appreciated being part of the music therapy process which has provided valuable insights and understanding of their pupil's strengths and needs.