About Ealing Music Therapy

Mission Statement

'Ealing Music Therapy is a charity which exists to provide services for children in Ealing needing help to overcome social communication, emotional and learning difficulties.'

Ealing Music Therapy

Ealing Music Therapy (EMT) is a community based project working in partnership with children, their families, a Children's Centre and some Special Schools in the borough. EMT also provides a Saturday Service for pre-school and primary school aged children who attend a community centre for children and their families. The range of services enables children with additional needs to make music with each other, where mainstream opportunities are often not accessible to them.

EMT aims to provide safe opportunities for children and young people to access music as a therapeutic intervention by:

  • facilitating communication, self expression, social and emotional development and motor co-ordination.
  • encouraging the inclusion of this therapeutic intervention in the overall educational needs of the pupils & students.
  • working within the multi-agency team and contributing to the training needs of staff who work with them.
  • working in partnership with schools and parents/carers to meet the needs of children known to them.

Models of Service

EMT works closely with schools, other professional and voluntary agencies and the Local Authority, to enhance and complement statutory provision offered to children with additional needs.

Service models include:

  • therapy for individual children/young people
  • therapy for groups of similar aged children
  • providing sessions in  mainstream and special schools , Children and Community Ccentres
  • training for staff groups
  • provision of written resources resourses and music programmes

EMT is always evolving to meet current needs in the light of new developments in professional, educational and governmental research and evidence.